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Kids Using Digital Tablet

Are online English lessons right for your child?


Yes, 100%!

Join me on February 24th at 17:00 (CEST) for an online scavenger hunt, where I will convince you and your little one that learning English online is fun, useful and easy!

Wondering if Online Learning is Right for Your Child? Unlock the Fun with E-Learning Expedition!


Hey there, awesome parents! 👋

I get it – the world of online learning can be a bit mysterious, especially when it comes to our little learners. Questions like "Is it engaging enough?" or "Will my child really enjoy it?" might be bouncing around in your mind.


But fear not, intrepid parents! I've got the perfect solution to put those doubts to rest. 🌟

Introducing E-Learning Expedition – a virtual scavenger hunt designed to not only make online learning a breeze but also a whole lot of FUN! 


Join me on a digital journey where education meets excitement, and your child gets to explore the wonders of learning from the comfort of home.

🔍The Challenge 
Embark on a quest to discover the joy of online education with my online scavenger hunt.

Watch as your child tackles challenges, solves puzzles, and learns in a way that's both entertaining and educational!

You will see first hand how I use a combination of songs, games and activities to keep your child entertained throughout the whole session!

Why is this so important? Because when kids are having fun, they don’t even realize that they’re learning something new.

🌈 So why E-Expedition?

Engaging Learning: I believe in making education an adventure, ensuring your child is captivated every step of the way.

Parental Peek: Experience firsthand how online learning works and see the smiles it brings to your child's face.

No-Obligation Fun: It's a risk-free opportunity to dip your toes into the world of digital education, with no commitments!


Ready to transform doubts into delightful discoveries? Dive into the world of E-Expedition and show your child that online learning can be as exciting as it is educational!

E-Learning Expedition: Hunt, Learn, Grow!
E-Learning Expedition: Hunt, Learn, Grow!
24 feb 2024, 17:00 – 18:00


  • How long is the session?

Set aside 1 hour for the scavenger hunt.

  • What does my child need?

The scavenger hunt PDF (printed) and something to write with.

  • Will my child need my help?

You will need to be available if your child has any problems with Zoom or the connection.

  • What to expect

This is an interactive workshop, so your child will get up from the computer to look for objects around your house, let them run!

  • Parent resource

Everyone who signs up for the workshop will receive a printable scavenger hunt pack do to at home with your kids!

  • Will it be recorded?

This is a live workshop, for privacy reasons, there will be no recording. If you can't make it, you'll still receive the scavenger hunt pack!

You don't have to believe me, but here's what my students are saying about my method.

Distance Learning

Aurora e Meli sono entusiaste delle tue lezioni, ti seguono senza annoiarsi e durante l'estate mi chiedono: qual è il giorno in cui faremo inglese con Claire a settembre? Sei entrata nei loro pensieri!


La mamma di Aurora (8) and Melissa (11)


Hi, I'm Claire!

I'm an English teacher and business owner with a super duper passion for making English fun for kids. I've taught in private schools, public schools and even language centers, and after many years of experience, I decided to open my own teaching business, where I focus all my energy on keeping English fun and helping kids find their confidence to communicate in another language.

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