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Let's change "No, please not another English lesson!" to "Hey, when's my next English lesson?"

Super fun English lessons designed to give children the confidence to start speaking English, today!

Hey parents! Are you at your wits end trying to convince your child to learn English?

I completely understand your point of view!

😫 I know it can be difficult to find something that interests them and really helps them learn.

🥴 And with everyone's busy schedules, finding time to practice English can seem like a mission impossible.

🤯 I know it can be frustrating when children don't jump for joy at the idea of learning English.

Believe me, this is quite normal. English is often taught in such an abstract way that it doesn't make sense for children to learn it.

Does the phrase "When will I ever need this in real life?" ring a bell?

These problems are totally legit and you're not alone.

Does this mean you should just give up?


Of course not!

I have a few tricks up my sleeve to help your child discover a new love for English that can transform,"No, please, not another English lesson!" into "Mom, Dad! When is my next English lesson?".

Everyone had a subject that they just hated at school. For me it was French

🧐 Sounds strange coming from a language teacher, I know.

😡 My French teacher, according to my kid brain, was an angry, scary person who didn't do anything at all to bring French to life. 

😥 It was just a bunch of words that I thought I couldn't learn, and the more this thought solidified in my mind, the more difficult it was for me to learn even the simplest expressions. To this day, I have a "mental block" towards French because of this childhood experience.

Unfortunately, this is a common experience for many kids at school and it can be really frustrating to grow up and realize that they didn't grow and learn in a certain area of their lives just because something was taught in a way that didn't work for them. 

Yes, kids must learn, go to school and do what's asked of them, but they should also have the opportunity to understand why what they're learning is beneficial for them, not (only) for their future, but also right now!

New pictures coming soon!.png

Enter Teacher Claire...

As a language learner turned English teacher, I know better than anyone the hard work involved in learning a language. I've learned both Spanish and Italian and my experience helps me to identify 100% with the difficulties and fears of my students.

Over the last ten years, I've worked with thousands of kids, helping them to find a reason to want to learn to speak in English, so that they can apply it to their own lives, from reading stories in English to study abroad opportunities!

For this reason, my courses are designed to show kids of all levels and ages that English has a practical application to their lives, right here right now.


This mindset shift will help them tackle any difficult, embarrassing or scary situation that they face growing up, because even though learning a language can be difficult and frustrating, by understanding its practical applications to their lives, they'll be motivated to take on any challenge, and by doing so, have so many doors of opportunity opened for them in the future.

Stefania, Emma's mom

Emma is super happy with her group lessons, so much so that she said that an she would consider doing a summer English course, but in a group. I think you're very good at involving your students, motivating them and sparking their interest, as well as understanding each student's needs.

Get ready for English with Teacher Claire!
Learning English through games, stories and dialogue is the perfect way to show your child that English has a real, practical and meaningful application to their life, no matter how small they are!
Imagine this:

Instead of arguing with your child about doing their English homework or going to their English lesson, they...

⭐ are happy, even enthusiastic, about going to their lesson (or at least they don't throw a tantrum every time they have to go).
⭐ remind you that they need to do their homework, not the other way around!
⭐ bring you a book to read, a game to play or an activity to do, in ENGLISH!
⭐ are curious to learn new words and expressions in English.
⭐ interact with their classmates in English, no matter their age!

Let's get your child enthusiastic about learning English!

School year course, from October to June

1 lesson/week

On Zoom

Small groups, from 3 to 6 students

Materials that make sense to kids. No algebra here. much does it cost?
Remember: you're not just paying for English lessons. You're paying for the relief that comes from transforming "Mom, I don't want to learn English!" to "Dad, can we read this book in English again? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE?!!!" I think that's priceless

But, along with this transformation, you'll get:
⭐ 30* small group lessons (60 or 75 minutes), starting in October and finishing in June. 
⭐ The recordings of the lessons, so that your child can watch them again and again if they want, or better yet, if you want them to because you need some "quiet time"😉.
⭐ A digital course book and physical activity book, chosen ad hoc for your child's group.

⭐ Homework, feedback and, when necessary, extra support and supplemental activities.
⭐ And you, dear parent, will have access to me, Teacher Claire, to ask any questions, talk about any doubts or concerns that you might have during the course via email or phone.

Payment plan

I want my courses to be accessible for everyone, so you can pay for your child's course in 6 instalments instead of all at once! You'll be billed automatically every 40 days, so no extra hassle!

150€ x 6

Pay in full

Are you a pay and forget kind of person? Brilliant! You can pay for your child's course in one go so that the only thing you have to think about from here to June is making sure they arrive to their weekly lessons. 


Antonella, Leonardo's mom

Thanks so much for everything. Leonardo will certainly continue with English in the fall, as well as my daughter, she needs some extra practice because at school they don't study English consistently. A heartfelt thank you for all the professionality and care that you put into your work🤩!

Ok, you're interested, now what?

1️⃣First of all, we need to decide your child's English level, so click the link below to sign up for a free video chat with me, that way we can get to know each other and decide which group is best for your child.

2️⃣After having chatted with your child in English and decided on their level, the next step is to choose the day and time for their lessons. I'll explain everything in the discovery call, but if you want to have a look at the various time slots that I offer for group lessons, just click the button below. If you already know what day/s and time/s will be best for your child, go ahead and fill out the form to save your spot!

3️⃣Now that we know your child's level and when they can participate in lessons, all we have to do is wait until the group fills! As soon as there are two other children available for the same level and time slot, I will get in touch to confirm your child's course. At this point I will ask you how you prefer to pay and give you instructions on how to do so.

4️⃣Now that we've sorted out all the administrative stuff, the fun can start! I will provide all the materials that your child will need for their course:
✔️Access codes for their digital course book, Google Classroom and Zoom.
✔️The activity book will be sent ASAP to your snail-mail🐌 box.

What to expect once the course begins:

⭐ A weekly 60 or 75 minute group lesson (time based on your child's age and level).
⭐ A weekly follow up activity to complete at home between lessons.

⭐ Every lesson will be recorded and uploaded to the course platform so that even if your child misses a lesson every now and then, they can watch the lesson and make up the activities. 
⭐ Ongoing feedback and support during the entire course.

I asked Maria Giovanna what she liked about your lessons and she said, "They're fun!".

As for the benefits of your lessons, I can say that English is now much more familiar for her, she enjoys listening to me chat with tourists and tries to translate the conversation. She had an Ecuadorian babysitter who used to speak to her in Spanish and until a few years ago she absolutely hated English! 

Thank you, you make learning fun!

Daniela, Roma

Girl with Stuffed Animal
Got questions? I've got answers.
🧐How do I know my child will actually learn anything in this online course? It sounds like too much fun.

I have to ask you to trust me: I've been teaching kids in my fun quirky way through games, stories, videos and activities since 2008, and in school settings since 2014! I've helped thousands of kids through online lessons and I've found that kids learn best in a fun, relaxed environment, and since my lessons have moved online, they've become even more fun: think about all the resources available to me and my students, literally at the tips of our fingers!

🧐I'm not very good with technology...

Don't worry, if you have a device that supports Zoom and a decent Internet connection, every other problem usually has a quick fix (often just closing and reopening Zoom does the trick).

🧐I want a course where my child can play and interact with other kids, not just be sitting in front of a computer...

My courses are designed to create social interaction. I want my students to speak to each other and I organize as many activities as possible to give them the possibility to interact in every lesson.

🧐I'm super busy, will I need to be present for my child's lessons??

Kids these days are great with technology. Of course, at first your child will need a bit of help from you (to set up and learn to use Zoom, etc.), but trust me, once they've understood how to open the Zoom link and get their fingers on the Zoom pencil, they won't need you for much else!

🧐Is online learning safe?

Zoom is a very secure platform and I never let anyone into my lessons unless they are a part of the course. No strangers allowed here!

🧐Can my child really learn online?

I'll ask you to trust me again on this one, and I must say that since I started teaching small groups online, my students actually learn better! They have less distractions and can all participate at the same time during the lesson (through the Zoom chat, their Zoom pencil and the emojis, for example), unlike in presence lessons where they all have to wait their turn with their hand in the air!

🧐It's a bit expensive...

I totally understand! You'll have to decide if it's the right investment for you right now. Remember, you can always get in touch and we can talk about all your doubts and decide together if this course is right for your child or not. And if it's not the right time, no worries! If you want to stay updated on future opportunities to learn with me, sign up for my newsletter so you don't miss out!

🧐Can I get a refund if I realize it's not the right fit?

Of course, here's how it works:

  • If you change your mind before the course starts and before receiving the course material, you can get a full refund, no questions asked.

  • Once the course starts, if you decide it's just not the right fit for your child, you can still get a refund for the course, but not for the materials, during the first 14 days of the course (mid October).

  • No refunds will be offered after the third week of the course begins.

"Real talk" with my clients 🥰
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