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Online Education

Personalized individual English lessons for kids and teens

Does your child need some extra support to get their English learning journey off to the right start?

100% personalized

1-1 lessons are the fast track to your child's success. These lessons are designed to specifically address specific learning needs, prepare for official English exams, or help your child find their confidence in their English skills before passing to a group setting. Whatever the need or problem, we will find the solution!


1-1 lessons provide more flexibility than group courses, for the simple fact that they can be cancelled* if your child can't make it, and changed when necessary to fit their busy schedule. They provide the peace of mind that you need to know that even when life gets in the way, your child can still have their weekly lesson!

Relevant materials

Based on your child's needs, I will select and provide materials and resources specific to their situation. No generic course books or homework, only personalized materials and activities to keep them involved with and connected to their learning. 

Support and feedback

In 1-1 lessons, your child will have my undivided attention, not only during their lesson time, but also regarding their lesson plans and follow up materials. I also provide you, dear parent, with feedback, suggestions and resources to help keep them on track between lessons.

*Lesson packs are personal and non transferable. 
*Lessons can be cancelled free of charge up to 24 hours prior to the established time. If a lesson is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, it will be counted as complete.

*Prices include tax.

Monica, Andrea and Matilde's mom

Claire has been following my kids for two years now, and we're really happy. This is what they say about their lessons: they're fun and stimulating, interactive and never boring. They are also a great support for school homework, when necessary, so we're really content! Thank you!

25 minute lessons


My 25-minute lessons are the perfect opportunity for your little one to interact with me in English through games, songs or short stories. Children ages 4 or 5 and up can benefit from these kinds of lessons. Young children don't need to worry about grammar, but rather practice the English vocabulary they already know, in a fun and relaxed setting. These lessons are designed to help your child develop a positive attitude toward English from an early age, so that as he or she grows up, they will be able to deal with more challenging situations such as school tests and homework with ease.

Distance Learning



Ten 25 minute lessons

Valid for 3 months




Twenty 25 minute lessons

Valid for 8 months




School year course

Valid from September to June


45 minute lessons


My 45-minute lessons are designed to help preteens and teens understand English, not just memorize it. If your child is struggling to keep up with English lessons at school or homework and needs a little extra help understanding difficult grammatical concepts or preparing for a specific Cambridge exam, I can help. In these lessons, kids learn how to use context to understand a text, as well as greatly improve their comprehension and speaking skills, which are the most important skills to develop in order to be able to communicate in a language!

Teenager on Laptop



Ten 45 minute lessons

Valid for 3 months




Twenty 45 minute lessons

Valid for 8 months




School year course

Valid from September to June


Rita, Marco Valerio's mom

Marco Valerio likes the relaxed environment of his individual lessons, and just like in his group lessons, the variety of activities (games, structures, videos, etc.) that make learning easier.

His speaking and listening have improved. He's more confident and can now communicate much easier, without feeling embarrassed or scared.


I'm Teacher Claire.

I know how it feels to be scared to speak in a second language, or how embarrassing it can be when you make a mistake. I want to be the private teacher that I never had when I was learning both Spanish and Italian. I've been helping kids and teens find their voice in English since 2008, and I'd love to help your child too! Click the button below to book a discovery call with me to see if I'm the right fit for your child, as well as to make sure that I'm not just a scary green alien👽😆!

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