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Distance Learning

Learning English doesn't have to be boring, difficult or stressful.

You know learning English is important, but you're tired of trying to convince your child of this. You're tired of fighting with them every time it's time for their English lesson. You just want them to want to learn English, but that seems impossible, right?

Don't worry dear parent, I've got a few tricks up my sleeve to turn your child's English frown upside down!

Memorize grammar lists?
No, thank you.

🔴You don't have to become an expert in English to help your child study for their school tests. 

🔴You don't have to force them to memorize grammar and vocabulary lists, as well as long, difficult texts on all things Anglo-Saxon.


🟢There's a better way to get them speaking English, and it starts with the letter F and ends in UN. FUN.

✔️Your child has English lessons at school, right? This is great! Even if they only do 1 or 2 hours a week, they're starting to learn the basics.

✔️But if you want them to further develop their skills, especially their speaking skills, you know they need some extra opportunities, because you know that learning a language requires lots of practice!

✔️Perhaps you've tried private lessons or even group courses at a language school, but if you're here, perhaps you're looking for something that gets them excited about their English lessons.

🫡If that's you, I can help!

I'm here to help your child learn through lessons they love.


✔️Tests, exams, interrogations? No thank you. Your child will always be encouraged to do better, not punished for not doing "well enough". 

✔️Through reading picture books and simple stories, your child will learn new vocabulary, proper pronunciation, and, as they grow and improve, they will learn and consolidate the correct use of grammar structures, in a way that is natural and logical to them. 

✔️Your child will have the opportunity to be involved proactively in their learning. They will never be sitting passively in front of the computer. They will draw and create in their notebooks, as well as on my computer screen by using their Zoom pencil. They will move, sing, dance and interact with me and their classmates.

✔️To learn a language, you must speak that language. I constantly give each and every student the opportunity to speak and to apply what they're learning. Even the youngest children can start speaking right away, by repeating sounds and words they learn in their lessons.

🟢Sound like the kind of lessons you're looking for?

Monica, Aurora and Melissa's mom

We've been learning with you for three years and I think that's the best confirmation of your teaching method. Aurora and Meli are enthusiastic about your lessons, they follow you without getting bored and during the summer they ask me, "What day are we going to do English with Claire from September?" You've found your way into their thoughts!

Your child can speak English!

Here's how I can help your child learn to love speaking in English.

What to expect when your child starts learning with me:

There is no magical pill that will suddenly turn your child into a Baby Boss in English, but here's what has happened to many of my students!

Your child will realize that they can communicate in English, even if they only know a few words.

They will feel safe and confident enough to try to speak, even when they don't know all the words.

They will look forward to their lessons instead of dreading them.  

Happy Siblings_edited.jpg

They will feel more confident at school, in their English lessons and on their school tests.

They will understand that English can allow them to do so many things, from reading stories to travelling the world!

They will have fun learning, and be curious to learn more and more and more!

Daniela, Francesco and Ale's mom

Dear Claire, Francesco and Alessandro are happy to do lessons with you and I'm even happier, understanding the importance of English. This has been tried and tested not only at school but also on holiday!!!! Thanks again for your professionality and your enthusiasm.

Do you still have questions?
Let's chat!

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