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Can you learn English at any age?

Can birds fly? Can horses run? Can dogs bark? There's your answer. YES, you can. And yes, I have science to back me up. So if you still want to use your age as an excuse, then don't read this post. Instead, if you want your weekly dose of English motivation, keep reading!


3 reasons why you CAN learn English at any age

  1. Neuroplasticity. Wtf is that? In other words. Brain plasticity. Still confused? Neuroplasticity is a scientific term that describes all the ways that our brain changes. Change happens especially during neurogenesis, which is when new neurons are created during the learning process. This means that the more you stimulate your brain by learning new things, now matter how old you are, your brain will continue making neurons, allowing you to continue retaining new information. Think of learning like the gym for your brain. The more you work out, the stronger you are, right? So the more you learn, the stronger your brain will be!

  2. Your experience. You, as an adult, are accustomed to communicating with people. You understand the importance of making yourself understood and trying to understand others (in your own language or not). You also have the knowledge and experience of how to study grammar and vocabulary, seeing as if you're reading this post, it means you learned to read at some point in your life, and also how to study the grammatical structures of your own language. This essentially gives you an advantage over younger learners, because now all you have to do is apply that experience to learning English!

  3. Your motivation. As an adult, you can choose to learn English. Maybe it isn't your favorite thing in the world, but it's your choice to learn it. Most children are forced to learn English, and many quit as soon as they get the chance. You, however, understand the importance of speaking English in our globalized society, and you also have you own intrinsic motivations for learning, be it work, school or pleasure. You can also choose when and how you learn. Not sure where to start? Check out this post on all the available study methods.


So!? Still want to use your age as an excuse? Sorry, you can't! Yes, there is of course some truth to the fact that children absorb information in a different way, but it doesn't mean that you, adult, can't learn English. Your brain will simply assimilate the information in a different way than a child's brain would. So off you go, keep your brain strong and happy and go learn something new!



  • back [someone] up: to support someone's ideas or position

  • work out: to do physical exercise

  • forced to [do something]: to be obliged to do something against one's will

  • off you go: a cute, informal expression to say, "go, be free", often used with children

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