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Feeling a bit Grinchy?

Christmas is supposed to be a happy and joyful time of the year, but for many people, it is the complete opposite. Add to that these past two years of Covid-Christmas, and many people would probably rather just skip the holiday season all together! If you're one of those people, I can't make the holidays disappear, but I can give you some vocabulary to help you to describe how you feel when you're stressed and overwhelmed, and one good piece of advice on how to manage the stress of the season.


How to tell your friends and family that you're feeling stressed and perhaps don't want to take part in all the holiday festivities:

I'm not feeling myself lately.

In other words: I am feeling emotionally different, perhaps sad, stressed or tired.

I'm feeling a bit/really snowed under.

In other words: I'm feeling overwhelmed, like I can't manage everything.

I'm at my wit's end with all these plans.

In other words: I'm too stressed, I have no patience left for plans or people.


How to tell your friends and family that you need some time to rest:

I need to take a step back from all these parties and dinners.

In other words: I need a break or a rest from all these plans.

I need some alone time/quiet time.

In other words: I would prefer to be alone right now.

I need to get some R&R (rest and recreation).

In other words: I'm exhausted! I need time to relax.


If you're still feeling like the Grinch after you've taken some time for yourself, just tell everyone that you've got a very contagious case of the holiday blues, and that the doctor told you to quarantine on your couch with your favorite series (in English!) and a coffee or a glass of wine until the holidays are over ;)

The holiday blues: feeling sad, tired and irritable around the holiday season, like the Grinch before he found the true meaning of Christmas.

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