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Feeling unmotivated?

Let's face it. January can be a very long, cold, tedious month...but it can also be a beautiful month of trying new things, starting new projects and feeling renewed. You are the only person who can choose how your January 2022 will be, and in this post I'm going to give you some great vocabulary that you can use to help yourself (or your loved ones) stay on track!


Awesome catch phrases to remind yourself that you can do it!

You can have results or excuses, you can’t have both.

Sometimes it's easier to find a reason why you can't do something than to buckle down and do the work necessary to reach your goal. The choice is yours!

Great things never come from comfort zones.

Oh the beloved comfort warm and cozy, and most of all, safe. But they do have a downside...they don't allow for risk, and without risk, you won't grow!

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

Whether or not you're a basketball fan, the image is clear. If you don't shoot the ball, you won't score the points. If you don't take a risk, you'll never know if you would have scored or missed.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Pretty straightforward right? If you really want something to change you need to get the ball rolling, otherwise nothing will happen!

Stop saying “I wish”, start saying “I will".

Language is everything! In English, we use "will" to talk about our future plans and to make promises. Make a promise to yourself to turn over a new leaf, or kick a bad habit!


So there you have it, if you need some motivation during this long, cold but also beautiful month, write these phrases on a post-it and put them on your computer, on your mirror, or anywhere where you will see them daily. Remember, doubt your limits, not yourself!



  • stay on track: to continue to make progress as planned or expected

  • catch phrase: a well known sentence or phrase

  • buckle down: to do a task with determination

  • downside: a negative factor

  • take a risk: to do something that could result in failure [or success!]

  • get the ball rolling: to start, to set in motion

  • turn over a new leaf: to start fresh, a new start

  • kick a bad habit: to quit a habit that is harmful to you

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