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I hate Spring

I said it.

I - hate - Spring. I dislike Spring. I don't like Spring. I'd rather not have Spring. I prefer Winter. I'm not a fan of Spring. In my opinion, Spring is like a fickle boyfriend who is always changing his mind. Spring just isn't my cup of tea.

Do you see where I'm going with this? I really don't hate Spring, there are actually many things that I really like about Spring, but it's definitely not my favorite season. Don't worry, today's post isn't about why I like or don't like Spring. It's about how to properly express your opinion about something that you just don't really enjoy. So let's spring into it, shall we?


People love complaining. But people don't like people who complain too much. So how can you express your dislike towards something without being called a complainer? Easy, try using some of the following phrases the next time you feel the need to express a negative opinion about something.

Instead of saying,"I don't like...", say:

I'm really not a fan of Spring, the weather changes so much.

Going to the beach isn't my thing.

I'm not crazy about smart working.

I'm not into football.

I much prefer cool weather to hot weather.

Instead of saying, "I hate...", say:

I strongly dislike burnt toast.

I really don't appreciate her behaviour.

I can't stand it when the weather changes every 5 seconds.


A negative opinion is always a negative opinion, but the next time the occasion arises, try substituting the typical expressions with one of the above, and to make things even better, after presenting your opinion, try presenting an alternative, for example:

I'm not really a fan of the cinema, why don't we go to the theatre?

I'm not crazy about this presentation, how about making it a bit shorter?

I don't appreciate how you've been treating me lately, could you try to be a bit more patient?


So there you have it! Leave a comment about what irks you the most about Spring, or just life in general!



  • fickle: when someone or something is always changing their behavior or opinion

  • spring into: to start something with enthusiasm

  • back up: to defend [an idea or opinion] [someone]

  • to irk: to irritate [someone]

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