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Making an invitation

Whether or not you are a social butterfly, at some point in your life you've had to make an invitation, formal, informal or both. We're at that time of year when there seem to be so many things to do! Town fairs, expos and events, the vendimia, going to the pumpkin patch...autumn has so many options! Work is also back in full swing, so perhaps a get-together with your colleagues is in order to fill each other in on your (oh so long in the past) summer holidays. Whatever the occasion, keep reading for how to make the best invitation for every circumstance!


How to make an invitation in English

Formal invitation + response

Informal invitation + response

Would you like to join me/us after work on Friday for some drinks?

  • Sure, that would be great!

  • Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it, maybe next time!

Do you want to get some drinks with me/us on Friday?

  • For sure (of course)!

  • Sorry, can't this time, raincheck!

Have you got any plans for the weekend? If not, why don't you come to the truffle fair with us?

  • That sounds lovely, I could join you on Sunday afternoon!

  • Oh no, what a shame, I've already agreed to take my children to the pumpkin patch.

What are you up to (what are you doing) this weekend? Wanna (do you want to) come with me to my town's chestnut fair? It's gonna (going to) be a huge party!

  • You bet (of course), sounds awesome!

  • I'm going olive picking with a friend, count me in for the next one though!

Marta has invited the team to her house for a Halloween themed dinner, if you're free on Saturday you're welcome to join us!

  • That sounds nice, could I come with my boyfriend?

  • I'll definitely try, but I'll be out all day helping with a friend's grape harvest (vendimia), so I may get home too late.

Do you feel like going on a hike this weekend? The weather should be nice and the leaves are turning all sorts of beautiful colors!

  • Definitely, I'm in (I want to participate)!

  • Can't this weekend, what about the next?


So, in a nutshell (yes, autumn themed vocabulary intended), if you want to extend a more formal invitation, it's best to use words like would and could, whereas when you're inviting a friend, you can use as many set phrases, idioms and slang as you like! So now go and invite someone to do something autumny with you this weekend!



  • social butterfly: a person who loves being out with friends and family

  • fairs: a local event, often based on a specific theme (wine, cheese, truffle, etc.)

  • in full swing: idiom for when something is at the height of its activity

  • fill [someone] in: phrasal verb - to inform someone on new or missed information

  • raincheck: to reschedule

  • a shame: something unfortunate

  • count [someone] in: phrasal verb - to include someone

  • in a nutshell: idiom for - in brief, in short

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