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Sleep, asleep, sleeping...?!?!?

Oh beautiful sleep. Most of us would love to have more of it, and funnily enough, it seems to often be at the center of our conversations...

I didn't get much sleep last night.
I am so tired, I could sleep for a week!
It's so difficult to wake up in the mornings in the winter...

Sound familiar? Seeing as this weekend in Italy we will lose an hour of our precious sleep due to daylight savings time, I thought it only fitting to dedicate a blog post to make sure that you're speaking like a native when you discuss your sleeping habits (or lack of them!)


All the expressions you need to talk about sleep


How to use it

To go to bed/sleep - note that in English we do not say, "go to the bed"

I ​go to bed/sleep as early as possible because I wake up very early.

To fall asleep - the action of passing from awake to asleep

She is so lucky, she falls asleep as soon as her head touches the pillow.

To be asleep - adjective - when a person is not awake

​Shh, don't shout, the baby is asleep!

To sleep - verb - when a person is not awake

You should sleep more, you look very tired!

Sleep - noun

​Your body needs sleep to function properly.

​To be in a deep sleep - when a person is so asleep that it is difficult to wake them up.

When my dog is in a deep sleep, he snores and barks, it's so funny!

To sleep in - to stay in bed until later than usual in the morning

He loves sleeping in on the weekends, sometimes he stays in bed until 11am!

​To oversleep - to wake up after the time you should have

​Oh no! I overslept, I'm going to be late for work!

To sleep like a baby/log - to sleep deeply and peacefully

​After a long day playing in the park, the children will sleep like logs tonight!

To be a deep/light sleeper - to sleep very well or to wake up very often.

​-He's a deep sleeper, you could set a bomb off next to him and he wouldn't wake up!

-She's a light sleeper, every little sound wakes her up.

To sleepwalk - when you get up and move around in your sleep

She used to sleepwalk when she was a child, sometimes she would go into the kitchen and even cook something!


So, where do you fall in this list of vocabulary? Are you a deep sleeper or a light sleeper? Do you like sleeping in or is it impossible for you even on the weekends? Have you ever sleep walked? How do you feel about daylight savings time? Leave a comment and let me know!



  • daylight savings time: when the time changes - an hour forward or backwards (in Spring and Autumn)

  • to be fitting: when something is appropriate

  • a log: a piece of the trunk (biggest part) of a tree

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