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Speak [language] without studying!

Really. It's true! Technology is advancing in leaps and bounds and pretty much just dragging us along for the ride...It has its pros and cons of course, but as a language learner, I think you are going to find this newest technological marvel very interesting. I shouldn't even be telling you about it, because if you decide to buy one then you won't need an English teacher anymore, but it's only my duty to share the knowledge, so here it is...they've finally invented a device that will allow you to understand and communicate in most of the common languages on Earth, English obviously included. The only catch is that you have to have it implanted under your skin, right in front of your ear. It's a very simple process though, and doesn't even hurt as much a piercing, so not much of a catch, right? It won't be cheap, at least not at first, but if you have $500 (calculate that into euros if you must) to blow (or invest in yourself), then you'll basically be able to communicate with most of the world without studying another day in your life. How cool does that sound? Totally out of this world, I'd say! I wouldn't mind having one myself!


There's just one more thing that I have to tell you about this wonderful little device...and it's that it doesn't actually exist! Hahaha, got ya! Early April Fool's! Maybe it will exist one day, honestly, as an English teacher, I hope not too soon because then I'll be writing this blog for my dog to read because all of you will be out running around yakking in 20+ languages just because you can...and I wouldn't blame you!


Anyways, I hope you got a bit of a laugh out of this silly post, and I hope you're planning all your April Fool's jokes to play on your friends and families this Friday, April 1st. If you want to learn a little bit more about this silly "holiday", here's a link with some more information: The History of April Fool's Day. So on that note my friends, go finish planning your cheeky little pranks, and have a lovely rest of the week!



  • leaps and bounds: when something progresses very quickly

  • dragging [us] along for the ride: taking someone/something somewhere very quickly

  • a catch: a negative aspect to an otherwise positive situation

  • to blow on [something]: in this context, to spend money without frivolously

  • out of this world: absolutely amazing

  • got ya: slang - "I tricked you!"

  • yakking: slang - talking a lot

  • cheeky: playful, mischievous

  • pranks: practical jokes

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