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Are you ready to get started with your English learning commitment? Keep reading to find

out how to get the most out of your learning.

Learning a language is like getting in shape. Why?

  • Your brain is a muscle that you can train to do what you want it to.

  • Just like with the other muscles in your body, if you stop "working it out", it will lose strength, or in the case of learning a language, it will struggle to remember what you've learned.

  • It helps to have a clear objective, but setting small reachable goals for yourself is even more important. You can't just walk into the gym and bench press 200 kilos, just like you can't just take a few language lessons and expect to speak like a native.

  • It often helps to have a trainer (or a teacher) to help you reach your goals and objectives.

  • Getting in shape isn't just about the hours you spend working out, in fact, it's almost more important the other 23 hours of the day - what you eat, what extra activity you do, how much sleep you get and so on and so forth. Learning a language is no different - the more time you commit to other activities like reading, watching series and engaging in casual conversation with others in the language you're learning, the faster you will progress.

  • Once you reach your initial objective, you have three choices:

    1. to set a new objective and commit to the necessary training to achieve it

    2. to dedicate time and energy to keeping your level where it's at

    3. stop training and slowly lose [brain] muscle mass

So what I want you to think about as your browse this website is this:

What is your objective and what are you going to do to achieve it?

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