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It's funny...or it's fun?!

I had a really funny weekend!

If I had a euro...even 50 cents...for every time I've heard this mistake, I would be a millionaire...or at least close to it! Don't worry, it's not your fault English is so ridiculous! In Spanish and Italian, there is just one word to describe fun/funny, so of course you're confused. But trust me, if you remember 1 simple rule, you'll be sure to sound like a native speaker when you use these adjectives!





  • Something is fun when it is enjoyable or pleasurable. It is a word that can be used to describe a situation, an event, or even a person.

  • It can be used as an adjective (with the verb to be) AND as a noun (following the verb to have).

  • Something (or someone) is funny when it makes you laugh - HA HA HA! The sole purpose of the object, situation or person is to entertain and make people happy.

  • It can be used ONLY as an adjective with the verb to be.

  • The party was fun (adjective with the verb "to be").

  • I had fun at the party (noun with the verb "to have).

  • ​The movie was so funny! I laughed the entire time.

  • My dog is so funny, he barks at the cats on TV!

​A person can be fun -

  • He is a fun teacher, he always organizes interesting activities for his students.

​and a person can also be funny -

  • He is a funny teacher, he always tells jokes in class to make his students smile.


You see?! Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Okay okay, I know, it's not suuuuper easy. But I hope this explanation helps a bit! And if you're already my student, next time I hear you confuse these two words in class, you owe me a euro😝.

P.S.: there is no glossary today because I don't see any crazy difficult or new words, but leave me a comment if you have a doubt about anything!

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