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Oh no! Summer is here!

3 months of no English? My child will forget everything they learned this year!

No they won't, don't worry!!! Sometimes (or rather, most of the time), a break is just what they need to assimilate all the information that they learned at school or in their after school English lessons. Learning a language is a long process, and every child learns in their own way and in their own time. Thankfully though, learning a language is also like riding a bike! Once you know how to do it, you never really forget, and you certainly won't forget in the 2-3 months of summer break!!


What to do about English over the summer?

Now, if you are a parent, you are probably very familiar with the "summer homework" that many schools give to students to complete over the summer. Endless workbooks of boring exercises, grammar practice and vocabulary to memorize. This kind of "busy work" does nothing to improve a child's English level. It's a way to keep them quiet and occupied when they're at home, yes, but don't think they're going to get much out of it.

Something that can be done, however, over the summer that can actually help kids to improve their English, are situations where they can actually interact in English. For some families, summer camps are a great option, but they're not for everyone. Other parents might choose to have their child do some extra English lessons, which can be a great help, especially if they didn't have a great experience with English during the school year (please, if you do, make sure they're with a fun teacher! Summer English should be extra fun!).

But for many families, these options are just not valid, due to travel plans or maybe even the cost. Camps and lessons can be pricy! So what's a parent to do? First of all, don't stress it. Second of all, consider your child's interests. Do they like to read, draw, or sing and dance? If you want your child to actually get something out of doing a task in English, it needs to be something that they enjoy doing. If your child hates dancing, don't make them do the Baby Shark dance, for how ever much fun it is!


Something fun for everyone!

Once we've decided on a type of activity, now what? Well, now we have to find the free, online resources that can help us convince our child to actually do the activity! Lucky for you, I'm here to help. The Internet is full of millions of resources, but I'm going to list a few here for you, by type of activity they offer, so that you can hopefully find something that works for you and your child!

Read and Draw


Dance and Sing

Let me know if you like this content! There are tons more resources, but these are some guarantees - no broken links or crazy pop up ads every time you try to play a game 😉.

And of course, if you would like my attention on your child's specific English learning needs, you can absolutely get in touch and we can discuss the right 1-1 summer package for you! All you have to do is book a discovery call by clicking the link below, or just send me a message on Instagram or an email -!

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