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So, where are you from?

I was raised in the United States, but moved to Madrid, Spain for University where I then lived and worked for ten years before moving to Italy, where I currently live in a little mountain house with my husband, my dog and my beautiful vegetable garden.

Cool, so you speak other languages?

Yes, I speak Spanish and Italian. This really helps me to identify with my students and help them through the steps of the learning process. Living and working in different countries has contributed to my growth as a teacher in so many ways. Learning a language is not just about studying grammar and vocabulary, it's about understanding the culture reflected in the language. 


How long have you been a teacher?

For half of my life! I started teaching English to kids in 2007 when I moved to Spain. I went back to University in 2014 to get my Primary Teaching Degree, and worked in school settings teaching children and teens from 2014-2020, and then I opened my own teaching business in 2021.

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