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Your child can speak English!

Every child can learn to speak English, and at different ages they can learn and focus on different things. Below is a short description of my approach here at YES. 

Kid Painting

Elementary Schoolers

I start teaching children online as young as 6 years old. At first, they might need a little help with the computer, but after they get the hang of things, they'll be just fine! They learn by playing games, singing songs, reading stories and watching videos. You'll be surprised how quickly they start repeating the sounds and words they hear!

Kids in Art Class

Middle Schoolers

As kids get older, they start to better understand their first language, and that helps them to understand a second language. Middle school students (11-13) start to be able to have a conversation in English, and my goal is to help them build confidence in their skills!

Art Class

High Schoolers

Teenagers are at a point in their lives where they start to see the utility of speaking another language. They start becoming interested in travelling, watching series in original language and perhaps even making friends from other countries. I help them to improve their grammar and enhance their vocabulary so that they are ready to speak English in any situation!

Still have questions? Book a free 15 minute Zoom session with me by clicking the link below.

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