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Your child can speak English!

Here's how I can help your son or daughter gain confidence in their English.

Your son or daughter will learn English in a small group setting, where every child gets my attention, help and support. Students learn to work together, creating friendships and a happy, healthy learning environment. Tests, exams, interrogations? No thank you. Your child will always be encouraged to do better, not punished for not doing "well". 

My method is based on storytelling. Children can learn so much from a simple story, and have fun doing it. Through reading picture books and simple stories, your son or daughter will learn new vocabulary, proper pronunciation, and, as they grow and improve, they will learn and consolidate the correct use of grammar structures, in a way that is natural and logical to them.

Kids learn through doing. Your child will have the opportunity to be involved proactively in their learning. They will never be sitting passively in front of the computer. They will draw and create in their notebooks, as well as on my computer screen by using their Zoom pencil. They will move, sing, dance and interact with the other students in their group, just like they would in a traditional classroom setting. 

To learn a language, you must speak that language. By keeping groups small, I constantly give each and every student the opportunity to speak and to apply what they're learning. Even the youngest children can start speaking right away, by repeating sounds and words they learn in their lessons. As they grow and gain confidence, they will slowly but surely be able to maintain more and more complex conversations. 

Still have questions? Book a free 15 minute Zoom session with me by clicking the link below.

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