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If you're just starting to learn English

If you've decided that you want to start studying English, starting from zero, or retaking an old study habit, then you need to read this post. January is the time when we make all kinds of crazy promises to ourselves, only to admit in February that we bit off more than we could chew and we don't actually have the time to become an astronaut or to learn everything there is to know about astrophysics in one month. If starting to learn English is one of your goals for 2023, then pay attention to this list of do's and don'ts so that you don't fall into the same trap as 2022, 2021, know what I mean.




Identify what level you are (A1, A2, B1...)

Do random exercises on the Internet without checking your level first

Make realistic goals

Expect to go from an A1 to a B2 in 3 months

Designate a notebook specifically for your English studies (paper or electronic)

Take notes on random pieces of paper that you have on your desk (you WILL lose them)

Find quality resources to use (books, websites, apps)

Watch random YouTube videos of grammar lessons without a plan

Find time to practice speaking and listening

Do only grammar and theory exercises

Take lessons with a qualified or experienced teacher

Expect to learn just by using DuoLingo or ITalki (these are great extra resources)

Watch videos or read books in English, even if you only understand 25%

Underestimate yourself! You will probably understand more than you think

Keep trying when it seems impossible

Give up when it seems impossible


So, with these little tips in mind, go set your English learning goals for the next month. That's right. Just for January. When you complete January's goals, you can move on to February's goals. Bite size goals, I like to call them. In other words, goals that you can "eat" and "swallow" easily. Think of learning English like eating a 20 course dinner...If you try to eat it all at once, your stomach will explode, but if you take your time and enjoy every plate, you'll eventually make it to the end! So on that note, enjoy your last few days of this holiday season, and see you again next week!



  • to bite off more than [one] can chew: to commit to something that you are unable to do because of its difficulty, time restrictions, etc.

  • to pay attention: to listen, to understand

  • random: not programmed, not organized

  • to take notes: to write down information

  • to give up: to quit or to stop doing something, usually because it is too difficult

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