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Why start learning early?

Kids are sponges. Lucky little things aren't they? Think about anything you've tried to learn since you've become an adult. It's difficult, isn't it!? For me, it was snowboarding. I wanted to snowboard since I was a kid, but I never had the opportunity. So finally, when I was 28, I had the chance to learn. Now I must say I'm pretty darn good at it, especially for having learned as an adult, but when I see those little kids who can hardly even walk zooming down the mountain on their tiny little boards, I do get a tiny bit jealous inside. They will never know the pain (lots of pain🤣) and frustration that I went through to get to the point where I am today.

The same thing happens with learning a language. The earlier children start being exposed to English, the more natural the learning process will be for them as they grow up, and the less pain and frustration they will experience. I know that you, as the loving parent that you are, don't want your child to go through that, do you?! That's why today I'm going to share some of the advantages of learning early, and DON'T WORRY if your child isn't so small, these advantages apply to all children and even young teenagers, so it's never too late to start!


The advantages of beginning early

  1. Kids are still learning their first language, so they use the same strategies to start understanding English, and the best thing is they do it subconsciously, so stress free!

  2. Kids love playing. It doesn't matter in what language. So if they associate play time with English, they'll be motivated to understand at least the basic words and concepts they need to play the game. Win win, right?

  3. School is still fun, and kids don't have as much stress and homework as older teenagers might have, so it's much easier to 1) find the time to fit English into their schedules, and 2) motivate them to participate in English lessons or activities.

  4. If kids learn a second language when they are young, it will be so much easier for them to learn a third or fourth language when they are older!

  5. When kids learn a language young, they will have a much more natural pronunciation and feel for the language, unlike someone who learns later on in life who may have difficulty learning the new sounds of said language.


So, are you ready to put your child on that English snowboard to save both you and them pain and frustration in the future? If you want to receive my tips and tricks for starting English at home with your kids, sign up for my newsletter where I will share resources, as well as information on my upcoming events, workshops and courses for kids (where we of course, have so much fun that my students even ask me to stay longer in their lessons!)

I wish this was me, but I'm not that cool...but if I had started learning as a kid maybe I would be😅!

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